Halcombe School

Halcombe School
" Today for Tomorrow "                                           

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Our Values - Triple A

OUR VISION - Confident, connected, actively involved, life-long learners.

Positive in their own identity
Motivated and reliable
Enterprising and entrepreneurial

Actively involved
Participants in a range of contexts
Contributors to the well-being of New Zealand social,
    cultural, economic, and environmental
Able to relate well to others
Effective users of communication tools
Connected to the land and environment
Members of communities
International citizens

Life-long learners
Literate and numerate
Critical and creative thinkers
Active seekers, users, and creators of knowledge
Informed decision makers  

Code of Behaviour: Our expectations for students, our staff and school families.

Our Charter sets out how we will achieve our Vision and respect our Values. Visit our Board of Trustees webpage for more information.

will be excited by the learning opportunities provided and will be motivated to become life long learners. They will understand that they can make a positive difference for their own future, with learning being seen as something in which they participate..."
The Charter

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