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The Key Competencies are the capabilities people need to live, learn, work and contribute as active members of their communities.

The Key Competencies are threaded throughout all dimensions of the school curriculum – our vision and our values, and all the learning areas (English, The Arts, Health & PE, Learning Languages, Maths & Statistics, Science, Social Sciences & Technology).

Please ask your student and see your child's teacher for more information about the "Key Comp's" at Halcombe School. Visit the class blogs, too!

Read about what the "Key Comps" look like at Halcombe School.


Use creative, critical, meta-cognitive and reflective processes to make sense of information, ideas, experiences. Actively seek, use and create knowledge. Reflect on own learning, draw on personal knowledge and intuitions, ask questions, challenge the basis of assumption and perceptions.

Using language, symbols and texts
Interpret and use words, number, images, movement, metaphor and technologies in a range of situations.
Recognise how choices of language and symbol affect people’s understanding and ways in which they respond to communications. Use ICT confidently to communicate and access information.


Managing self
Self-motivation. ‘Can do’ attitude. Set personal goals, make plans, have high personal standards. Be enterprising, resourceful, reliable, resilient. Have strategies for meeting challenges. Know when and how to follow someone’s lead, or make own well-informed choices.


Relating to others
Interact effectively with a diverse range of people in a variety of contexts. Listen actively, recognise different points of view, negotiate and share ideas. Open to new learning. Take different roles in different situations. Know when it is appropriate to compete, and when it is appropriate to co-operate.

Participating and contributing
Participating actively in local, national, global communities. Respond appropriately as a group member. Make connections to others. Create opportunities for including people in group activities.

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