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Enrolling at Halcombe School is easy!

Prospective students and their families are encouraged to visit the school, prior to enrolling, to meet the Principal, our friendly teachers and support staff, and take a tour of the school and classrooms. Please contact the Office 06 328 8845 for more information and to make an appointment.

Our Board of Trustees has implemented an Enrolment Scheme for Halcombe School. Please contact the school to discuss any enrolments.


About Our School!  


Before-School Visits: Preschoolers will visit for a number of sessions before officially starting school. Our new entrant teacher will arrange these visits with you. During these visits, you can collect your enrolment forms, Information Book and student stationery from the Office.


Start Dates:
New entrant children will start school on the Monday following their 5th birthday:
If Monday is a public holiday, then children will start on Tuesday.
If their birthday is a Monday, they can start that day, or the following week.
Children will not be able to attend school until all paperwork has been completed and returned to the Office.


Preparing for School: Advice for families as they get their young children ready to begin primary school.


Enrolment Process - to enrol a student we will require:
A copy of your child’s birth certificate or passport (to confirm date of birth and NZ citizenship or residency)*
A copy of your child’s immunisation record (if applicable)
A copy of any court documents relating to access or custody (if applicable)
*A separate process is required for international students - please contact the school.

You will complete enrolment forms for the school, as well as for the WDHB Dental Service, and you will complete a Digital Citizenship Agreement for your child (regarding the safe and responsible use of computers, other IT devices and the internet). All enrolment forms are available at the school Office.
Please note: Children will not be able to attend school until all paperwork has been completed and returned to the Office.

For children transferring from another school in New Zealand, we will contact that school to confirm that students have enrolled at a new school and request their academic information for our teachers.


You will be given your own copy of the Halcombe School Information Book as well as your student stationery requirements.


For further information about all aspects of our school, please refer to our Information Book webpage. Recent school newsletters may also be of interest.

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