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Halcombe School is served by three bus runs:

1. Tokorangi (Halcombe Rd, Pryces Line, Reu Reu Rd, Makino Rd and Tokorangi Rd) Mornings and Afternoons. 
2. Stanway/Feilding (Stanway Rd, Makino Rd & into Feilding) (Mangaone Rd included on Morning run). Mornings and Afternoons. Spaces available (permanent seats and casual rides) for rural & Feilding students.
3. Main Road Bus (travels directly to Feilding on the main Halcombe Road). Afternoons only. Spaces on this bus are allocated. Please contact the Office for more information.


The Tokorangi and Stanway/Feilding bus runs also collect students from other schools, including Feilding High School.

Safe pick-up/drop-off points for students on these routes will be determined by the school bus controller (Principal) and bus drivers. Please contact the school for more details.

The Bus Rules!                             Bus Tickets

Over 90 children use our school bus service each day.
Managing the buses is a major task for the school, and we need the co-operation of families to ensure that our students travel safely and the buses remain on schedule.

Catching the Bus after School:

To catch the afternoon buses, children line up outside Rooms 5 & 6 in designated bus lines. The Bus Controller on duty to supervise. Senior students act as bus monitors. Children must have their bus tickets or passes ready for the driver (if applicable). All buses must leave school promptly (usually by 3.05pm). Students may be allocated a permanent seat on the bus. Drivers and bus monitors will report any misbehaviour to the Principal. Children are not allowed to eat, drink or use cellphones on the bus.

PLEASE notify the Office if your child is not on the bus in the afternoon or there is a change to their usual arrangements.
You MUST send a note to school or phone the Office. It is not sufficient for children to tell us at 3 o’clock that they are not on the bus or their plans have changed. The bus monitors do a great job but are sometimes searching for children after 3 o'clock, only to find that they have already been collected! The buses are on a very tight schedule, so we would appreciate your support with this. If we are in any doubt about the travel arrangements for your child, we will keep them at school where they will be supervised until collected.


1. Tokorangi Bus Route (same route morning & afternoon): 
Halcombe School - Halcombe Road - Mingaroa Rd corner - Pryces Line - Reu Reu Rd (bus turns at last stop) - Makino Road - Tokorangi Road - back to school through village.
Morning run - first pick-up is at approx. 7.35am and students arrive at Halcombe School by 8.15am. Afternoon run leaves Halcombe School by 3.05pm. High School students use a later bus service

2. Stanway/Feilding Bus Route (morning):
First run/"local run":
Halcombe School - Mangaone Road - Makino Road - Stanway Road - back to school through village. First pick-up is at approx. 7.30am and students arrive at Halcombe School by 8.15am.
Second run/"town run"
:  Pick-up at 155 West Street (by Feilding Squash Courts) at 8.30am approx. (Students can also be collected from Feilding High School by arrangment).The bus DOES NOT wait. Travels to Halcombe School via Halcombe Road.  Limited stops en route.  Arrives at school by 8.45am.

Stanway/Feilding Bus (afternoon):
Halcombe School - Stanway Road - Makino Road - into Feilding to 48 North Street stop (returns to Halcombe on the high school run). Afternoon run does not include Mangaone Road. Collection of students from North Street stop is a family responsibility. Arrives in Feilding at 3.30pm approx.

3. Main Road Bus (afternoons only):
This bus service takes Feilding students directly to town, along the main Halcombe Road, leaving Halcombe School at 3.05pm and dropping them at the 48 North Street stop at 3.20pm approx. Spaces on this bus are allocated. Please contact the Office for more information.

Bus Tickets & Passes
There is a charge for all students traveling to/from Feilding. Stanway/Feilding Bus students use a 10-trip ticket (currently $8.00 each). Casual rides are 80c each. Main Road Bus students purchase a term pass ($80 each paid in advance).  Children must carry their tickets/passes every time they catch the bus. These will be checked by the drivers.

Students can purchase bus tickets, casual rides & Main Road passes at the school Office before 8.55am and at lunchtimes. No credit is available. Families can also pay online to the school's bank account 01 0625 0106729 00. Please e-mail office@halcombe.school.nz to notify us of your purchase.

The Tokorangi bus service is provided by Tranzit Coachlines Manawatu, 06 355 4955;
e-mail: pmr@tranzit.co.nz web: www.tranzit.co.nz

The Stanway/Feilding & Main Road bus services (and the afternoon High School run for Tokorangi) is provided by Uzabus (Madge Coachlines),
06 356 4896; e-mail
info@madge.co.nz; web: www.uzabus.co.nz

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