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Halcombe School Board of Trustees - School Governance

The Board of Trustees has the rols of school Governance, with its core focus being raising student achievement and improving the learning outcomes for all students. Parent representatives are elected onto the Board for a three-year term.

The Board usually meets in Weeks 3 & 8 of each term. Meeting details are advised in the weekly newsletter. The agenda and minutes of each meeting are available to view at the school office. Parents are most welcome to attend meetings to observe Board process. Please contact the Board Chairperson if there are issues you would like the Board to discuss. 


Our Board of Trustees:
Jessica Pettersson (Chairperson), Richard Dodunski, Shane Casey, Andrew Managh, Dianne Simpson (Staff Representative),
Sue Simpson (Principal).
Board Secretary (not a trustee): Paula Stace.


At Halcombe School, five elected parent representatives, plus any co-opted trustees, join the Principal and a staff trustee to form the Board.
Elections are held every three years (our current Board was elected in June 2016). Co-option can occur between elections. We are always happy to hear from parents & caregivers that are keen to be involved on the Board!


What does the Board do?
The Board's role is to make sure that our school is run in the best interests of our students and our community.  The Board of Trustees' core focus is raising student achievement and improving the learning outcomes for all students.

The Board is responsible for school governance. Governance is the "BIG PICTURE" - developing a strategic direction and setting policy for the school. The Board is not involved in the day-to-day running of the school. The Board's duties are set out in the Halcombe School Governance Manual  


The Board is responsible for developing the school's Charter. The Charter is our contract with the Ministry of Education and provides the strategic direction for the school. It sets out our plans and goals for the year ahead. The Charter includes our targets for student achievement in spelling, reading, writing and maths, which are set against National Standards. It outlines how the school will achieve its Vision and respect its Values.

The Board is responsible for school policy, community consultation, finance, property, health & safety, curriculum development, student achievement, employment and staff development. The Board maintains a regular process of self review to make sure it is achieving its goals. The Principal provides the professional knowledge necessary to guide the Board in its duties. Trustees receive comprehensive training for this challenging but rewarding role! The Principal is the Board's "chief executive" and is responsible for all aspects of school management (the "day-to-day running") of the school.

Board of Trustees resources:

New Zealand School Trustees Association Guidance and information for school trustees on all aspects of their role.

Education.govt.nz The Ministry of Education's website.

ERO: our latest school review - June 2015

ERO publication "School Trustees" Helping trustees ask the right questions.

Halcombe School Annual Report 2014: financial statements and student achievement analysis to 31 December 2014.

Halcombe School Annual Report 2013: financial statements and student achievement analysis to 31 December 2013.

Education Counts: information and statistics about Halcombe School, including National Standards data. 

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